The Role Of Psychics, Spirituality And Religion In Mental Wellness

Work, our environment, the people around us, our weaknesses, businesses, spirituality, general health and fitness are some of the things that people struggle with on a day to day basis. While some people are able to deal with the arising issues and stressors well, there are those who, for one reason or another, may lack the ability to overcome these struggles and challenges. This may lead to mental issues if left unchecked or unresolved. Mental issues can be described as disorders that distort the mental capacity and therefore the though process, behaviour and mood.

psychics and mental wellness

The future and the past are great stressors for most people and therefore they can trigger mental disorders such as anxiety. The uncertainty of the future as well as unresolved issues of the past can however be put to rest through the use of psychics. telephone psychics and other types of psychics help clients attain closure on past issues especially when they involve friends and family members who passed away. This could be through asking for forgiveness for misdeeds, asking for guidance from the spirits of those who have passed on or even seeking to understand whether they are in a batter place.

Psychics can also discern future events and therefore guide clients in decision making for the best outcome. Whether you are worried about a potential spouse, your children, your work, your business or any other thing in life, getting a reading can settle your mind and therefore allow you to concentrate on attaining you full potential.

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What causes mental issues?

Mental disorders and illness can be passed down generations. There are certain genes that increase the risk of mental illness and these can easily be triggered by different life experiences. In some cases, mental illnesses can be attributed to exposure to certain chemicals or toxins before birth. For example, if the mother was a drug addict or alcoholic or was exposed to certain toxins while pregnant. Impairment of the neural networks that are involved in the production and transmission of brain chemicals can also lead to mental problems. Brain injuries, infections, alcohol and substance abuse and poor nutrition can also trigger such issues.

Role of religion and spirituality in Mental wellness

There are different reasons why people are religious or spiritual. However, spirituality and religion have been shown to have positive effects on the mental wellbeing of different individuals.

First, spirituality and religion help individuals develop a positive outlook of the future.

Second, religion and spirituality help people in find their true purpose in life.

Third, there is a great sense of support and community in may religions and this contributes to a sense of belonging which in itself is a great attitude booster. 

Fourth, religion and spirituality offer different ways through which individuals can deal with stress in life including meditation, reading spiritual scriptures for guidance, praying, singing and consulting with religious and spiritual leaders. The availability of different methods ensures that everyone can identify one or two methods that work for them and pursue them whenever necessary. This reduces the likelihood of getting overwhelmed by problems in life.